Time to knuckle down!

Hi all,

I thought it was about time to put that new bike to good use so I’ve decided to do a mountain bike challenge in May! It’s 98 miles (160km) over two days and we are cycling from Wallingford in Oxford to Marlborough in Wiltshire. Now that may not sound like much of a challenge to you super-fit health nuts out there, but to a 95kg (210lbs) unfit, ex rugby player, that’s tough!

It’s called the Hill Fort and Waterways Challenge and the best bit is that I will be trying to raise some cash for charity while ‘enjoying’ myself at the same time. If any of you want to do your good deed for the day/month/year/decade, please donate some money here. All help would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, enough chatter, I’m off to bed so that I can get on my bike first thing tomorrow morning and do a few miles! I’ll update you on my pain later!

Chat soon,

PS: I’m going to add a donations thermometer in the margin at a later date so that you can all track my progress.

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1 thought on “Time to knuckle down!


    (30 January 2006 - 10:30)

    Just sitting here wondering if you got any training done? Too sore to type???

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