Weekend whinge

Well, it’s weekend again. Which for the rest of the world means having fun, catching up with friends, a few drinks, maybe a braai (BBQ). Generally a great time. To me it means ‘work’. That four-letter word!

Weekends are our busiest time in the pub. Especially Saturdays. During the day, we get all the tourists off the (in)famous Portobello Market. They come in, stroll around the pub gawking at the 150 year old interior and then sit down. The funniest thing is ENGLISH PUBS DON’T DO TABLE SERVICE! So they sit and sit and sit. Now, if we spot them we generally head over and tell them that they need to go to the bar to order. But most times they just sit. Until they get bored with the ‘bad service’. Then they get up and leave. We do try to do table service, but we are too pushed with labour on the weekends. So, if you ever are in the UK in a pub, don’t sit and wait! Get to the bar.

The good thing about the next four weekends is the rugby! The November internationals start this weekend with South Africa playing the Pumas (Argentina), France playing Australia and Wales taking on the mighty Kiwis (New Zealand). My predictions are South Africa, France and NZ all to win! Anyone want to put money on it?

The best part of the November internationals is that in 4 weeks time I am going to see the Boks (South Africa) take on France in Paris! Now that is going to be an experience to blog about!

Chat soon,

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6 thoughts on “Weekend whinge


    (6 November 2005 - 14:12)

    Looks like your predictions were spot-on, Cuz!
    And yes, bring a warm jacket when u come to Dublin. There’s polar bears about 😉

    Ben O.

    (7 November 2005 - 17:00)

    I so want to hit your pub – we Americans go goofy over anything over 150 years old and that is brand new over there.

    I need some airmiles to cash in and get my sorry butt over there for some pub-going fun.

    Ben O.


    (8 November 2005 - 09:00)

    It looks like the ‘no table service’ concept has broadened to certain restaurants around here. It wouldn’t be so bad if they had a bar, though.


    (8 November 2005 - 11:15)

    come on Del… when u gonna post again??? After being “told of” by you, I’m trying to keep my blog updated. 🙂 but u letting the side down…

    Thanks for the invite saturday, it was fun…


    (8 November 2005 - 17:08)


    One of my dreams is to own a pub. Well that is after my number 1 dream of being Angelina Jolie’s Loofah.

    Undr(You da’ man)

    Ben O.

    (9 November 2005 - 04:59)

    Undr – I am trying (okay . . . not very hard) to get the whole Angelina Jolie loofah image out of my head.

    I am going to pay you good US money to come over here and turn my basement into an authentic English Pub . . . okay Del?

    Ben O.

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