The pain is unbearable!

Someone please take away the pain! I thought it was getting better, but I must have rolled onto my shoulder during the night and now it’s killing! I only managed to sleep for about 3 hours last night as it is.

I think I’ll have to go see the doctor tomorrow.

And it doesn’t look like I’ll be taking to the field on Saturday either. Oh well, that’s life when you’re a 30-something!

Chat soon,

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1 thought on “The pain is unbearable!


    (7 October 2005 - 14:08)

    You have my deepest sympathy, but if you go back and read my last few comments on the subject – you gotta get the feeling of ” I Told You So !” 🙂
    The thing is, the older you get the longer it takes to heal and the more intense the pain seems to feel !!
    Seriously though – i hope you didnt do anything serious….
    Get “Well Dell” 🙂

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