Wimbledon 2005

Hi all,

Still enjoying the fantastic weather that we’ve had all week now! It’s been high 20’s (celsius) since Friday 17 June!

On Wednesday, Deb & I decided to go to Wimbledon for the day. It was my first time ever! I really enjoyed it – 32 degree heat, ice-cream, the atmosphere, famous tennis players all around…

I did, however, manage to pick up a ‘farm’ (‘Vaalie’ if you’re South African) tan because we were told to put our shirts back on. And we weren’t even on court, we were sitting on Henman Hill. Anyway, stiff upper lip and all that!

We stayed at Wimbledon until around 6pm then went home, had a braai (BBQ) and crashed out in front of the TV.

I spoke to the folks today too. I haven’t spoken to them in ages. I really miss them as I haven’t seen them in over 4 years now. They are planning a trip in September, so maybe I’ll see them then.

Chat soon,

PS: Some Wimbledon photos below…

PPS: 4 days to go before we head to Spain!

The Queue to get in – 11am!

Henman Hill at Midday

Me @ Wimbledon

Mahesh Bhupathi & Todd Woodbridge

Lindsay Davenport destroying Jamea Jackson 6-1, 6-1

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    (26 June 2005 - 14:55)

    Cool pics. Enjoy Spain!

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