Hello again…

Hi all,

It’s nearing that time again! I’m counting the days until my next holiday! Only 17 more to go! Spain here we come…

Colin flew out yesterday. He’s off to India for two weeks before heading back to Melbourne. It was so much fun having him over here that I miss him already! He had a really good time too.

Nic was here for the weekend again. We had loads of fun. We went to the fair on Turnham Green on Saturday. What a laugh! We went on one of the rides so many times that I thought I was going to throw up, but he loved it!!

I also caught up with Des, James, Dave U and Jules last Thursday night. It was nice to see them again. Guys, we definitely need to organise a BBQ or cocktail party again!

Anyway, time to go and cook Deb some dinner.

Speak soon,

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    (14 June 2005 - 10:09)

    when r we meeting up then for a few drinks? i need to cheer up after coming back from home… feeling rather depressed to be back in london.

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