Lazy Sunday afternoon…

Hi again,

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. I’m still in my PJs. I’ve spent the whole morning working on my website (which STILL isn’t live!). It’s starting to look pretty damn goooood, even if I say so myself!

I’ve had a pretty lazy week too. Besides work, I haven’t been very active. I went to see some friends down in Kent yesterday which was good. I haven’t seen Paul and Simone in ages. We spent the whole afternoon in the pub catching up. They drank and I watched (I was driving!).

Last night I watched “Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy”. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think Deb slept through most of it.

I’m working tonight at 6pm. Apparently it’s been really quiet today!

Catch you all later!

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    (24 May 2005 - 12:50)

    I’ve added my flag… how can i put it on my bog?

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