The diet

Well, I’ve put myself on a diet since coming back from my hols and it seems to be working! In the first 2 weeks of strict diet regime, I lost 4kg and in the last week of semi-strict (OK, so I had a few burgers and a couple of beers this week!) I managed to lose another kilo. Unfortunately, next Monday is our company Christmas party (I know what you’re thinking…) so I’ll probably put it all back on again!

For now I’m happy. My clothes fit better and my belt hole is one size smaller! Now I just need to start exercising again…

We have attempted to put together a touch-rugby team again this year but no luck. Not enough interest. It’ll have to be me and the mountain bike.

Anyway, this weekend is Darrell’s birthday and we’re having a braai (BBQ for non-Saffas) and a cocktail party. Should be fun! I’ll tell you more after the event!

Speak soon,

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