Saturday night…

Hi again,

Well, it’s sad, but it’s Saturday night and I’m at home on my PC! I worked a busy shift today and my girlfriend is working tonight, so instead of going out with my mates, I decided to stay home and fix up my web site and various other PC related problems (read SPYWARE!!)

Now I’m listening to music (Coldplay at the mo’) and writing this. I’ve had quite a busy week of meetings and moving house. Yep, moving again!

We are moving from Notting Hill to Kingston-on-Thames next week. We have spent most of this past week cleaning the new place. The previous tenants were absolute animals. We had to get proffesionals to clean the carpets and the guy said that he had seen cleaner carpets in squats!! That’s disgusting!!

Nearly done with my Croatia photos and I promise I will put a link up as soon as I’ve uploaded all of them.

Thats all folks; off to make a cuppa now.

Catch you soon,


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1 thought on “Saturday night…


    (27 September 2004 - 12:38)

    I need your help…. :p

    How the hell do you post photos here?

    Did u sort out your spyware issues?


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