Our kitten has a new game. Every morning around 4am, she jumps up onto my chest or pillow and starts to lick me. Usually it is around my ears or my neck. Not the greatest feeling having your skin rasped off your body when you’re deep in sleep. The first time it happened, I ignored […]

Cats vs Dogs

I grew up with dogs. As kids, we went everywhere with a dog. Either our dog or one of the neighbouring kids’ dogs. In my pre-teens we had a Rhodesian Ridgeback that went everywhere with us. His name was ‘Kaptein’ and he was our protector when we explored the nearby wetlands or hunted snakes in […]


Meet Molly. She joined our family yesterday from Animal Aid, a local animal shelter in Coldstream. She is white (for now), playful and extremely friendly. We picked her up around 2.30pm yesterday afternoon and she played from when she arrived home until the kids went to bed around 7.30pm at which time she plonked herself […]