Our home has been listed!

Our house is officially on the market now! It got listed on RealEstate.com .au and Domain.com.au last night. We weren’t too happy about the listing that the ‘professional’ copy writer did, so I wrote my own and hopefully the agent can get it changed. She talks about a ‘courtyard’ which we don’t even have! It […]

The Final Move

Yes, we are moving again. Twice! We will soon be putting our house on the market (next week, if you’re looking for a new place in Melbourne to live). At this stage, it looks like we will be building a new place, but we haven’t signed the paperwork yet so I won’t say too much […]

Some news

I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front lately. Somehow I’ve been busy at work. But I’ve also been busy at home – we have started shopping for a new place to live! Yes, we have outgrown our small home and have been looking for somewhere bigger. This meant nights spent with a mortgage broker […]

Cats vs Dogs

I grew up with dogs. As kids, we went everywhere with a dog. Either our dog or one of the neighbouring kids’ dogs. In my pre-teens we had a Rhodesian Ridgeback that went everywhere with us. His name was ‘Kaptein’ and he was our protector when we explored the nearby wetlands or hunted snakes in […]