Matson Bluetooth Battery Monitor

I recently purchased the Matson Bluetooth Battery Monitor at the Melbourne 4×4 Outdoor Show.

It was quick and easy to install – attach to battery as per the included instructions and turn the battery on. The Matson Bluetooth battery monitor comes with 2 small dots of Velcro – 1 attached to the Matson Bluetooth battery monitor, the other to attach to the battery so that you can mount the monitor to the battery. You also need to download the app to connect it to your phone: Battery monitor BM2

It works great! As my battery is (currently) inside my trailer, it’s hard to know what’s going on in there when we are out camping, but with the Matson Bluetooth Battery Monitor, I just grab my iPhone, turn on the bluetooth and open the app.

The app takes a few seconds to connect and then it shows you the current voltage. Easy peasy. The monitor also stores information onboard, so if you tilt your phone 180 degrees, you can see the voltage for the past days or months.

The app also has various other functions such as cranking voltage and a trip tracker, but these aren’t used with a camper battery moreso for a car battery.

Below are some photos of the gadget and the app.

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