Korr Lighting 48cm Orange / White LED kit

When I resigned my last job, my staff all chipped in and gave me $200 worth of vouchers from Rays Outdoors as a farewell gift. I knew exactly what I wanted – 12V lights. So I headed down to Rays and browsed through everything until I found the Korr Lighting 48cm Orange/White LED kit. I decided to purchase the single bar kit to see if it was any good. To say that I am happy with my purchase is an understatement.

Our first trip with the light was to an unpowered site on Lake Fyans and it worked a dream! The light is mounted above the kitchen in our camper trailer and it gave off more than enough light for cooking and washing of dishes. It hardly has any effect on the battery at 0.6 amps per hour.

It was very easy to install with strong magnets on the back of the light bar and a total of 6m of lead. It is easy enough to add more lights as there is a universal attachment on the end for attaching more Korr products.

Information from the Korr website:
Great white light for camping or boating and best possible orange colour to keep the bugs away, all in one strip.
– White = 590 raw Lumens
– Orange = 350 raw Lumens
– 5 year warranty
– Works with the other KORR products
– Very durable, impact and vibration resistant
– Water proof (IP68) excluding dimmer
– Long Life 50,000 hrs
– Low voltage and little heat
– Will not interfere with any video or audio system nearby
– 0.6 amp per hour
– Size: L*480mm / H*10mm / W*12mm
– Bonus 3m Extension lead
– Bonus 3m Cigarette lead
– Bonus Dimmer switch

As mentioned, I bought mine from Rays Outdoors, but you can also buy them from BCF or on the Korr website.


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