New week, new job

I started my ‘new’ job today. Well, officially I started at the end of October, but as I kept getting passed tasks in my old job, I finally moved across today. Tomorrow I have some things to finish up as part of my old position again.

I haven’t left the Uni, just taken up a new, more challenging role. I will be part of a smaller team that deals with commercial work – making bucks for our department!

It should be fun!

But my day didn’t start very well. Left home late, had to commute for an hour (back to the old commute again!), left my phone and my wallet at home, had a colleague break down in tears in the office while I was working (not my fault) …

Tonight should be better – dinner at the in-laws with a few beers and a bottle of red with my father-in-law. Oh, and steak and kidney pie for dinner! Yummo!

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1 thought on “New week, new job


    (16 November 2010 - 06:23)

    You are right with the picture. Things CAN only get better on day two.

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