Caution: Man at work

Isn’t it funny how men have to put up warning signs when they do work but women just get on with it?

This week has been a bit crazy for me! I started a new job on Monday. Well, a new job role – Short Course Manager for our school. But, as is always the case, I was still doing many tasks from my old job. Mainly because the person that has replaced me was an external appoinment and has to learn everything from scratch. Not only that, but she has not come from an educational institution so the learning curve is massive! And I know exactly what that feels like because it’s exactly the same boat that I was in last year when I started here!

And after last week’s shennanigans in Sydney, it was quite a shock to the system!

But the weekend is nigh and I plan to do some mountain biking, a little gardening, fishing with the kids and oh, don’t forget the end of year rugby dinner tomorrow night. Which, of course means a recovery session on Sunday morning.

See you at the other end of the weekend tunnel.

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