Lager time

After a hectic weekend of birthday parties, BBQs and a baptism I took Sunday afternoon off and went to do some fishing at the local lake. After two hours, I still hadn’t had a bite so I decided to go home and do something more productive – brew beer!

This time it’s going to be a lager. I rinsed out all the ‘tools’ and the fermenter and after the kids had wandered off to bed, I got mixing. I have placed this one in the garage as the winter temperatures seem to be upon us and the garage is now nice and cool.

I checked the wort this morning and it is frothing nicely. I’ve been a little tempted to drop some orange zest or cardamom into the fermenter but I’m too worried that I will waste the whole batch! Maybe next time I brew a lager I will try something a little different.

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