Rage against the machine

Anybody following the UK or Irish bloggers will know that there is a bit of a campaign going in the UK to stop the X Factor’s Joe McElderry getting the Christmas number 1 song. It’s a British thing – people even place bets on what the Christmas #1 song will be. The alternative is Rage Against the Machine’s song ‘Killing in the Name‘, originally released in 1992. There is also a Facebook campaign in full force.


The whole campaign is causing quite a stir. Cheryl Cole (nee Tweedy) of Girls Aloud has lashed out at RATM while Sir Paul McCartney has pledged his support for the American band.


Currently RATM are the number 1 download on iTunes and Amazon, but the McElderry single was released in physical format today which may boost sales.


I must admit to being a bit of a Rage fan. I even own 2 of their albums in CD format!


Below is a short YouTube video featuring X Factor participants (and Simon Cowell) singing RATM’s ‘Killing in the Name’. But be quick. It gets removed from YouTube quite often. If it’s gone, try searching the site for RATM and X Factor.


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1 thought on “Rage against the machine


    (20 December 2009 - 05:24)

    That video is hilarious!!!!!!!! Anyway, I bought Killing in the Name back in 1993. I went into Virgin Records on Oxford Street and sang it to the shop assistants before one of them figured out what I wanted. So I’m off to buy Joe’s single for 29p now. One-tenth the price of a beer – can you imagine music costing that little in SA???

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