Melbourne – Day 10

So things are much better now! We’ve all recovered from ‘the bug
(not before passing it on to 4 more people though!) and have had a wonderful week.

Sunday we had a spit (BBQ) and spent the day around the pool catching up with old friends and drinking too much beer and bourbon. It was about 36 degrees and the kids spent most of the day in the pool.

Tuesday we drove down the coast to Sorrento and spent most of the day at the beach. Photos to follow…

Wednesday we went into the city. We did some sight-seeing before having lunch with our friend, Colin, at a really nice restaurant. In the afternoon we went to the Melbourne Observation Deck on the top of the Rialto from where you could see the whole city and all the way down to the coast. After that, we caught the City Circle Tram and saw some more sights before heading home.

Today was spent at Melbourne Zoo. Definitely the best zoo I have ever visited! We spent the whole day there and then went out for dinner ‘cos it was Deb’s birthday. The girls got a little tipsy while the guys did some gambling in the casino (and we won!)

Only 5 more days here then back to cold old London! Not looking forward to it…

Chat soon,


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