Thursday night social ride

I finally got off my arse last night and went for a “social” ride with the guys from the Cog Cafe. I arrived at 6.30pm and 3 other guys – Steve, Steve & Steve – were waiting. Damien (from Cog Cafe) is injured so wasn’t riding with us.

We set off in the general direction of Silvan Dam along the Aqueduct Trail. It was very wet and muddy due to some heavy rain during the day. At least it held off for a few hours while we were out riding.

The guys were a lot fitter and faster than me. I enjoyed the winding singletrack and the fast forest roads but battled a little with the climbs. My legs are actually feeling pretty good today.

By the time the ride was finished, we were soaked from the wet bush and completely covered in mud. I also have a bruised knee after my front wheel slid on a wet tree root.

Night ride

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