Mt Evelyn ride

My alarm went off at 7am this morning and the plan was to go for an epic ride through the Silvan area. After a honey sandwich and a banana for breakfast, I arrived at the COG cafe, pulled on my shoes, my new helmet and set off.

It was heavily overcast and still quite wet from the overnight rain but there was no rain about as I headed down the Warburton Rail Trail towards Wandin North. There were very few people about (2 cyclists) and the bunny rabbits were munching on the fresh greens on the side of the path. At the bottom of the hill I turned off left onto the short section of singletrack. Again, there was wildlife everywhere – rabbits, king parrots, rosellas, bell birds and more.

I came out onto the main road and turned right, heading back to the Rail Trail… and this is where the trouble started. As I turned back onto the trail, I fealt my back tyre slide out a bit. I looked down and… flat! Damn!

Luckily I had packed my pump and a spare tube today (I must have tempted fate, ‘cos I never pack my pump!) Fifteen minutes later I was back on the bike heading back up the hill towards the COG Cafe.

Just before the top of the hill I took a left onto the main road and headed back down the hill. The plan was to take a right and head into the forest around Silvan Dam. Unfortunately, as I took the left turn, the back tyre felt a bit soft again. I looked down and… my SECOND FLAT OF THE DAY!

Walk time… 3km back to the car park! I’d had enough!

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