Camping Weekend

Over Easter weekend, I took Josh on his first ever father-son only camping trip. We drove up to Wagga Wagga in New South Wales and attended the Oz Mega Wagga Wagga geocaching event. The 6 hour drive (which became a 7 hour drive thanks to toilet breaks and breakfast and morning tea) wasn’t actually too […]

Lying in bed, thinking…

I was lying in bed last night counting sheep and listening to my daughter cough up a lung when I realised how quickly the last 15 years have passed me by. It feels like only yesterday I was impressing customers with my cocktail flaring skills from behind the bar on the beautiful island of Santorini […]

Count down

As mentioned before, I have quit my job. But, not only am I counting down to my last day at work, I’m also counting down the days to my holiday! Next Friday I finish up my job then Saturday we jet off to South Africa for 19 days! We’ve organised a sort of wedding reception […]

The old stuff