Beer blogs from around the world

Inspired by a list of North American beer blogs published on the website, I thought I’d start putting together my very own such list. To keep this simple, I have only added English language blogs and non-brewery-owned blogs (or citizen blogs). Want to see yours on this list? Add it here.


  • [links category_name=”Africa” order=”ASC” ]


  • [links category_name=”Asia” order=”ASC” ]

Australia & New Zealand

  • [links category_name=”Oceania” order=”ASC” ]


  • [links category_name=”Europe” order=”ASC” ]

North America

  • [links category_name=”NorthAmerica” order=”ASC” ]

South America

  • [links category_name=”SouthAmerica” order=”ASC” ]

United Kingdom

  • [links category_name=”UK” order=”ASC” ]

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