Hiking in Kinglake National Park

The kids and I packed a picnic and headed out to Kinglake National Park this morning to visit two popular waterfalls in the area – Wombelano Falls and Mason’s Falls.

Wombelano was a little disappointing because you can only get to about 500m away from it on a viewing platform! You couldn’t even get a decent photo because of the trees in the way. It has a fence around it with a warning sign to say “Do Not Cross”. We were tempted to go around the sign, despite the muddy path leading down to the falls, but then another visitor showed up so we changed our minds.

Mason’s Falls were much better in comparison. At the top of the falls, you could safely walk out onto the rocks and photograph the first set of rapids. We then hiked down to a different viewpoint which allowed unobstructed views of the whole waterfall and the valley below. We took some photos and OJ did a 360 pano and then the heavens opened! We were about 800m from the car with no umbrella, so we were going to get soaked anyway you looked at it. Instead of running back to the parking lot, we just took a casual stroll back up the hill. Drenched!

We hopped in the car and ate our picnic lunch before heading home via the local coffee shop for a hot chocolate!

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