Fishing tales

The wife and I had last Tuesday morning off so we went for breakfast at a local coffee shop. While we were eating, she asks me what I would like to do. As a joke, I reply: “Let’s go fishing.” (Fishing doesn’t interest her in the slightest. )

“OK,” she replied. I nearly fell off my seat! But before she could change her mind, we were on our way to the local trout farm. Well, I wasn’t going to let her get bored on her first ever fishing expedition! The plan was to make sure she caught something so that she would want to come again!

We finally arrived at the Australian Rainbow Trout Farm in Macclesfield, picked up our gear and headed for their 2 acre lake. After 30 minutes of not even a bite, she started to get bored. Quickly we moved to the trout farm lakes – shooting fish in a barrel I believe the term is.

Well, she managed 2 decent sized trout in the next 15 minutes before we headed home again. I cooked them up and the whole family had delicious trout for dinner!

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