Fishing the Yarra

Little Yarra in flood

Yesterday afternoon, after work, my brother-in-law (B) and I decided to head out to try to catch some trout in the Little Yarra River. We stopped off at the local tackle shop so that he could replace his reel and pick up a few lures and I bought some braid for my new reel and rod.

By 6.15pm we were in a farmer’s paddock, walking the banks of the river. The water was quite high from the recent rains it was impossible to do any wading; we’d have to fish from the banks. We stopped at our first spot and after losing my first lure after only two casts, we knew we’d have to move on – too many submerged snags!

Our second stop was a better spot on a bend with a wide open space on a bank. The river was wide here too with a small island in the middle. B caught his fish here by casting his lure and letting it drift under the trees. A small brown trout about 20cm long. I managed to lose another lure here too. By casting it into the branches of an overhanging tree! When I tried to dislodge it, the line snapped! I was only using 6lb line!

We slowly walked upstream, casting continuously, looking for fish. We eventually stopped moving when we found another bend with slower moving water. We drank a couple of beers and fished here until it started to get dark around 8.30pm. Brad managed to lose a lure here by casting it into a tree on the opposite bank. And no, we didn’t catch any more fish.

Our 30 minute walk back to the car was interrupted by a wombat foraging in the bushes for food.

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