Visit to Ongard and Mali at the zoo

Melbourne Zoo's seals

Yesterday we thought we would surprise the kids with a visit to the Melbourne Zoo.

We arrived 10.30am to find a queue waiting to turn into the Zoo car park so we snuck around the back and parked at the basketball centre. The queue at the Zoo entrance snaked all along the wall for about 200m, but as we are members of “FOTZ“, we got to walk straight in. We soon discovered that today was “Children’s Day” and kids entered for free today!

We headed straight for the baby elephants so as to avoid the queues again! We still had to wait in line, but only for about 10 minutes. They were letting 150 people at a time into the paddock to visit baby Ongard and baby Mali. The kids loved it! We snapped a few photos before heading off to the Orangutans.

We also visited the “Wild Sea” exhibit, watching seals frolicking in the wave pool and penguins marching along the sandy beach. The kids loved the giant tortoises, the tiny frogs, the giraffes and especially the meerkats!

Below are some photos that I took on my phone.

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