Pizza, wine and two giggling girls.

Last night I went off to rugby practise around 6.45pm. It was a mere 9C outside, but we all know how tough rugby players are. After an hour of touch (I scored 3 tries!), it was time for the traditional visit to the bar. A couple of beers and a few jokes later, I headed off home at around 9pm. I was about 2 blocks from home when Elmo started giggling on my phone – a text message! It was Deb. “We’re hungry. Grab us something to eat.”

I was hoping that the kids were in bed at this hour, so this meant that we had visitors. I had no wallet on me, so I’d have to go home first. I opened the front door to find 2 giggling women on the couch, two glasses of wine in hand and an empty bottle on the floor. And yes, the kids were in bed.

“We’re hungry.” (And a little bit tipsy too I would guess!)

“I’ve got no cash.”

“Here’s $30. Get us something.”

“Pizza?” (The only thing still open this time of night in our area.)


Did I forget to mention that I love pizza? And that I had dinner before going to rugby practise?

Anyway, 20 minutes later I got back home to find a second bottle of wine open and the girls looking at photos from a recent party that we all went to. One and a half pizzas later, I was ready for bed but the girls were still jibber-jabbering away, so I fired up the Wii for a couple of games of Fifa ’09. Well, I had to work off all that pizza that I’d just eaten! By midnightish, it was definitely time to retire to the bedroom!

Tonight we’re off to a footy game. AFL that is. Essendon are taking on the Western Bulldogs in a must-win game at Etihad Stadium. But more about it next week.

BTW, I have the left over pizza for lunch today!

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1 thought on “Pizza, wine and two giggling girls.


    (17 July 2009 - 18:18)

    Sounds like our night last night…except I was one of the giggly girls. And I didn’t get pizza. Darn it.

    But really 3 tries in an hour all on your lonesome? Not bad!

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