The important things in life!

When we ran onto the pitch for rugby training last night, it was soggy and squishy underfoot. The temperature was a chilly 3C and I was happy that I’d worn a few layers to keep me warm. I ran in three quick tries before getting tackled into the freezing cold mud. I was NOT a happy chappy! I ran in two more tries to prove how upset I was!

In the warm bar after practise (I’d remembered a change of clothes), the most important topics were covered as usual: getting home after drinking more beers than you should, Saturday’s big game (ours), last Saturday’s game and Saturday’s BIG GAME between the Boks and the Kiwis. I was a little outnumbered, being the only Saffa to brave the cold last night but the Poms were quick to take my side. The Boks by 5 – 10 points was the consensus from us – the Kiwis had a different viewpoint!

And yes, I will be waiting up to watch the game at midnight tomorrow night!

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    (26 July 2009 - 06:32)

    I guess it was worth the late night.

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