Easter weekend

Easter was a five day weekend for me – apparently academics (not me!) don’t do the Tuesday after Easter, so the Chancellor of the Uni gave us an extra day off.

Our trip to the footy (as in AFL, not soccer) was a success. The underdog Bombers (my side) defeated the fancied and unbeaten Blues. It was a close game with the lead changing often. We eventually won by a mere 4 points – less than a goal for the uneducated.

Unfortunately my Super 14 team didn’t fare as well. The log leaders (Sharks) went down convincingly to the bottom of the table Cheetahs who, until then, were winless. Disgusting! The Sharks had better not throw it all away now!

Sunday was Easter egg hunting day with the kids. They loved it – even Isi! (Deb has posted some photos on her Facebook.) It was also Sunday Roast day for us. It has been ages since we’ve had a roast – they’re not very popular in the summer when the temperature outside is pushing the mercury up to the high 30s (celsius).

Monday I had the dubious honour of taking the kids to see Bob the Builder. Lucky for me, Isi dozed off so I headed to the nearest coffee shop to enjoying a latte (which is what I’d ordered, but I got served a cappucino instead!). I left Deb to enjoy the pain of the delighted/screaming kids.

Tuesday we drove down to Werribee Open Range Zoo. If we hadn’t just come back from South Africa where we’d been on a safari and walked with the elephants, we probably would have enjoyed it, but the game drive was pretty boring. Not enough animals, a driver who was clueless, more dust than the African ‘veld’! The game walk around the park was more enjoyable, especially the up-close-and-personal with the cheetahs (ok, so there was 2 inches of glass between us but it was great!). The kids loved it, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Now I’m back at work and freezing. The temperature has dropped from 30C yesterday to a measly 15C today. Looks like winter is creeping back into our lives.

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