Get out and ride

With the on-set of winter (and a minor operation to my left thigh), I haven’t been out on my MTB for ages. But, the days are already getting longer and as soon as my leg has healed, I plan to get out there again… weather permitting of course. I do love a bit of mud! So, my question is: “What get’s you out on your bike?”

Do you ride because you must? You ride because you must win, you must satisfy your sponsors, you must train, you must earn a living? Or do you ride because you love it? You love the escapism from the 9 – 5 humdrum, you love the adrenaline rush of careening down a mountain or trail, you love the wind in your hair or you love the mud on your face?

I’m definitely one of the latter – I love the mud and the adrenaline rush. I love having jelly-legs after a days riding. I love the memories of a good ride. This is probably the reason I’ve only ever taken part in one race.

Whichever type you are, just get out and ride!

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