Foto Friday

OK, so it’s not Friday, but I’m away this weekend and I’m not getting up at 4am just to post a photo before I leave! I’m not that dedicated a blogger!!

Today’s photo was taken a very long time ago when I first came to the UK (1993). It is one of the University buildings in Cambridge. I was trying hard to capture some colour from the sunset too, but unsuccessfully.

Chat soon,

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5 thoughts on “Foto Friday


    (23 July 2006 - 14:41)

    Just surfing around looking for ex-pat blogs and found yours. Nice photo. Looking for London bloggers for – might you be interested?


    (25 July 2006 - 14:47)

    Pity about not capturing the sunset (got a thing for sunsets). But, the building is stunning!


    (26 July 2006 - 07:59)

    Striking photo, Cuz. It looks perfectly ‘balanced’ to me (if that makes sense?)
    Very nice 🙂


    (28 July 2006 - 11:11)

    Lazy shmuck 🙂 I wanted one taken at 4 am…..

    The Tart

    (4 August 2006 - 19:47)

    So jealous of your wonderful trip!

    The Norwegian Tart
    ; )

    BTW baby pic adorable, natch!

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