Back in the saddle

After a hard day at work (well, it wasn’t that hard but it was about 40 degrees C indoors!), I finally managed to find time to go for a ride on my trusty steed again! It’s been just over a month since I last rode. Slacker!

It wasn’t all my fault. I finally managed to sort out my brakes (lack of brakes actually) on Saturday. Also, with the current heat wave going on, there was no way I was going riding. Even today I only ventured out at around 7.30pm! I use the phrase ‘heat wave’ very lightly. It’s been between 28 and 32 degrees with no wind for at least two weeks now! Not very nice in London – wish I was on Camps Bay Beach!

Also, there has been the problem of work what with that World Cup Football thingy going on. Thankfully now that England are out, there isn’t too much stress anymore! Got to start planning for Notting Hill Carnival now…

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