What happened to the weekend…?

On this day in 1958: Seven Manchester United footballers are among 21 dead after an air crash in Munich.

Scheduled outage? I think that’s exactly what I need! Maybe I should take a leaf out of Blogger’s book! I can’t believe that the weekend came and went so quickly. Not that I had any time off anyway. I was working, as usual!

And to top it all, it was really busy: Rugby (6 Nations has started) on Saturday and soccer/football (I’m not even getting into that argument) on Sunday with mighty Chelsea taking on Liverpool!

And during my ‘downtime’ I had an 8 year old to entertain. That was the best part of my weekend – playing Playstation, surfing the net and watching ‘toons with my son! And he will also be spending next week with me as it is school holidays. Maybe I can even talk him (read “bribe him”) into going outside for some fresh air. Just once!

Tomorrow night we’re going to see a TV show being recorded. It’s called “The Best of the Worst” and it stars Johnny Vaughn and David Mitchell et al. Should be a laugh (considering they are comedians…)

Chat soon,

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3 thoughts on “What happened to the weekend…?


    (8 February 2006 - 21:41)

    Sheesh, it’s enough to make me feel sorry for all the people working in pubs. Maybe I should just stay home to watch the rugby and give you poor lot a rest?

    HA – NOT!!!

    Zube Girl

    (10 February 2006 - 02:33)

    Aw, have fun with the kiddo!


    (10 February 2006 - 22:34)

    I hope you got him off the sofa and outdoors…you can have so much fun out walking…8 year olds are great, aren’t they!

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