Pumpkin patch

Some of you more regular readers may recall that back in January I did some work on my garden. Specifically the area around the back where the weeds had taken over. I stripped out all the rubbish and, amongst other things, planted some small pumpkin plants that I had removed from my in-laws’ vege patch. […]

Pak choy

Mmmm, the packet said ‘bok choy’ which is Australian for ‘pak choy’ or Chinese cabbage. I planted it and when it came up it didn’t look like pak choy. Long stalks, pretty yellow flowers. Now the flowers are gone and PODS have formed. Beans? The packet definitely says ‘pak choy’!

Growing veges

After a very successful tomato harvest last year, we thought we’d give it another go this year. Unfortunately, we also got rid of our vegetable garden to build a BBQ area so we put our tomato plants into tubs this year. I also planted some pak choi (chinese cabbage) and some lettuce with the kids, […]