Hiking the Bend of Isles

I spent yesterday at home with the kids. The weather was great so we set off for a ‘short’ hike in the nearby State Park. Three hours, two geocaches, one picnic and 5.1km later we’d had a pretty full afternoon! Below are some photos I took with my iPhone. [flickr style=”padding: 10px;”]tag:bend-of-isles@delboy1203(thumbnail)[/flickr]

The Don

Leaving Josh at play school is pretty gut wrenching. He loves going (twice a week now), but when you say goodbye and leave the room, he just stands there. He looks like a lost little orphan – lonely, helpless and with no friends. . But it’s not true. I think he is The Don, The […]

It's been a while…

It’s been a week since my last post. No, not lazy. Busy. At work. Haven’t had a day off since last month sometime (actually, last Thursday, but it feels like longer!) One of my manager’s fell ill on Monday and has gone home to Portugal (holiday?) so we all have to work extra. Yesterday I […]