Tiger in the rough

So it would seem that Mr Squeaky clean golfer isn’t such a good boy after all. Maybe I should have written “… he’s just a very naughty boy” in my previous Tigermania post after all. How many ‘ladies’ is he entertaining? . Anyway, just to cheer me up I thought I would post these: . […]

The install

So the Foxtel man came yesterday. An interesting character to say the least. He was Scottish, thick accent too. Now we all know what they say about the Scots being thrifty… He first complained because he couldn’t get behind the TV cabinet – it’s a built-in cabinet. So Deb pulled the drawers out for him […]

Leg shaving advice (tongue in cheek)

As a cycling aficionado, you no are no doubt anxious to demonstrate your commitment to the sport, even when you are not on the bike. “But how,” I hear you ask, “can I show my absolute dedication to the cycling lifestyle, hopefully to the extent that my family, friends, and coworkers will begin to cast […]