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    David E

    (2 December 2010 - 15:09)


    Just wanted to let you know about another app from Cascade called the Brewer’s Nose.

    The Cascade Brewer’s Nose features tasting notes on over 500 Australian and international brews compiled by Tasmanian chef Rodney Dunn of the Agrarian Kitchen.

    The application uses GPS technology to help beer-lovers search for their favourite stores, pubs and bars that stock Cascade as well as helping you keep tally of the brews that you’ve tried to date. It’s a little like Foursquare for beer.

    Another feature of this app is the barcode scanning function. Prospective beer-buyers can scan a beer they’re considering and the tasting notes for that beer will be brought up.

    We thought this kind of app might be of interest to your site, particularly as it encourages users to build their beer palate and try a whole range of beers, including a number of microbreweries and including Cascade’s traditional rivals. It even has a feature which suggests brews according to choice of food.

    You can download the app for free by accessing the link below.


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