Riding the Eastlink

Dusty bike

Yesterday morning I dragged my lazy arse out of bed at 6.30am to go for my first MTB ride in 4 months. I picked up my brother-in-law and we headed out to Lysterfield Park. The plan was to ride the trails there (including the Commonwealth Games trail) as my brother-in-law has just recently returned from Europe and has never been to Lysterfield.

We were set up to fail from the beginning. When we arrived, there was a sign on the locked gate – “CLOSED DUE TO FLOOD DAMAGE”. I’d been on the website the night before and not spotted this closure warning.

Well, we wanted to ride and didn’t want to drive for another 40 minutes to get to Silvan so we decided to ride the bike trail from Vermont to Jells Park along the Dandenong Creek, returning along the Eastlink Trail. This is a fairly flat, easy ride but still better than nothing!

It took about an hour to complete. My legs survived no problem, but I think B will have a seriously sore butt today! He complained most of the way back!

Map of ride

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    (27 October 2011 - 00:19)

    I have also recently got back on my bike. It was great – although our start was a bit earlier than yours….

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