National Braai Day

Friday is National Braai Day in South Africa, my country of origin. Unfortunately I won’t be home to enjoy the experience, but I did have a BBQ last night. A braai is a BBQ. Sort of. A braai involves a real fire. Always. No gas, sometimes charcoal is allowed. The braai includes sausage, but not any old sausage. It has to be boerewors, a delicious South African style beef sausage.

And it’s not just a BBQ. A braai is a social occasion. It goes with sunshine and beer. And friends and family. It takes all day to braai, not just an hour to cook the meat. The men always do the cooking, while the women prepare the salads and other sides.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, below is one of the most famous braai videos ever made. It explains braai etiquette.

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