Pumpkin patch

Some of you more regular readers may recall that back in January I did some work on my garden. Specifically the area around the back where the weeds had taken over. I stripped out all the rubbish and, amongst other things, planted some small pumpkin plants that I had removed from my in-laws’ vege patch.

Well, after two months, the pumpkin plant has taken over! Twice I have had to cut the plant as it was going over the fence into the neighbour’s yard! It has taken over the small path too!

There have been at least 20 small, yellow flowers that have come and gone but finally today I noticed that two small pumpkins have formed! Let’s hope that the caterpillars and birds stay away long enough to be able to harvest these!

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4 thoughts on “Pumpkin patch


    (14 March 2010 - 12:34)

    so exciting!!


    (17 March 2010 - 12:09)

    Cool! They make pretty flowers hey? We have some growth news too – the avocado pip we stuck in a pot about 5 months ago has split and shot out a little stem. First time I’ve ever seen it happen – was beginning to think it was a myth 🙂 One day we’ll have to have a pumpkin-and-avo fest.


    (18 March 2010 - 00:30)

    What about making pumpkin beer???


    (19 March 2010 - 12:03)

    I’m not sure these pumpkins will survive though. It’s very late in the season and they may not get enough sun.
    @Terri: I noticed today that my bulbs that I planted 2 weeks ago are just started to break the surface of the pots. Tulips I think. I planted so many different bulbs in the various pots that I’m not sure any more.
    @Dad: Pumpkin beer? I don’t think so! But I am considering strawberry or maple syrup beer instead…

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