I’m so proud of my son. He may only be half African (having an Aussie mum), but yesterday he took his first “boskak”*! It may not sound like much to you South Africans that read this blog, but for those from Europe, North America and even Australia, it’s a big deal for me. When we lived in London, there was no chance of him learning the finer side of African living. But now he’s experienced it. Right here in Aus!

He was out in the bush with his mum visiting her father’s race horses when he desperately needed to take a poo. There was nothing else to do. No toilets for miles. He just dropped his dacks and dumped away. How easy it is when you’re only 3 years old!

Now I just have to teach him how to say “Bos kak”!

*”Bos kak” – Afrikaans for bush shit

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4 thoughts on “"Boskak"


    (7 August 2009 - 19:40)

    ‘Fortunately, his mum had the foresight to pop to the loo before they left.’


    (8 August 2009 - 01:58)

    Congrats to the lightie on his first Boskak – especially if he didnt dump half of it in his rods like my nephew on his first excursion into the bush… 🙂
    A serious milestone passed !!
    C u Soon cuz….


    (10 August 2009 - 02:02)

    Haha, what a milestone!


    (10 August 2009 - 18:16)

    Even as a Scot living in South Africa, I’ve had one or two good “boskak”s. You gotta finish it off with a blaarboud (leaf swipe).

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