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A little while ago I went to the doctor for a check-up. He told me that according to my BMI I had to lose 20kg. Now I’d just like to point out to the rest of you that I haven’t weighed 75kg since I was about 16 years old! I set myself a target of 85kg which I managed to just reach. It was hard work and I didn’t really see the point of starving myself and eating ‘disgusting’ salad just to be ‘healthy’. I play rugby twice a week, I enjoy a ride on the mountain bike occasionally and I have two small kids. Surely these all count as exercise? So I gave up the diet food. I still eat healthy food and smaller portions, but the kilos are back. I have a healthy waistline and I definitely don’t feel overweight. So, what is the answer? Less food or adjusting the BMI?

I started asking questions on Google. Apparently the original BMI (Body Mass Index) was calculated in the 70’s. They don’t take into account more muscular people. As a matter of fact, according to the BMI, the whole crew of the 2004 GB coxless 4s at the Athens Olympics are overweight! That’s a rowing team for those that don’t know and they’re not usually the fat types! I did some more digging and found more accurate numbers for people who exercise here. These numbers are based on Body Fat Index (BFI) and take into account your build more than just your height versus your weight. By these numbers and this test, I am ‘Acceptable‘.

Now I’m happy!

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3 thoughts on “Ideal BMI


    (27 July 2009 - 18:15)

    You know, way back in the day when my brother was anorexic, the BMI classified him in the upper regions of ‘normal’ and almost on ‘overweight’. Since then I’ve told anyone who uses it to get a clue.
    Antiquated useless system.


    (29 July 2009 - 05:53)

    Congrats on your acceptable BMI, cuz 🙂


    (29 July 2009 - 23:29)

    “The more muscular people” ??? Hahahaha !! Now that is exactly the proplem 🙂 ….. I must tell you – that I have for the first time in 25yrs, now regained the elusive 75kg mark ! I had to work like mad to PUT ON 5kg’s !! Seriously…. it took me 5 years to put on the extra 5kgs…

    Cant wait to see ya soon mate…

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