This week in the office

Are people still suffering from the Christmas holiday hangover? Or are they just plain thick? Do they not possess common sense? I’ll give you some examples:

  • I was having a conversation with a client and I said “today is my daughter’s first birthday”. The customer’s response: “Oh really, how old is she today?”
  • Not once but TWICE on 2 seperate occasions, a client was placing an order with Des and asked him how much it would cost before even telling him what they wanted!
  • A customer rang up to let us know that she wanted to reduce the quantities on the order because the meeting wasn’t as big as before. She asked to halve to quantities. She was informed that the fruit only comes in even number of serves. “Can I have seven then please?” Hate to surprise her, but 7 is not an even number!
  • Or what about the customer that wanted 2 halves per person. No, not 1 serve per person, 2 half serves per person! Go figure…

Thank goodness it’s a long weekend! Time to recover from these imbeciles!

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