Lysterfield Commonwealth Games track

I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning. Firstly, the car battery died on the way to pick Col up. Then, on our first major climb, Col’s back wheel came off and I managed to smash the screen of my GPS with my elbow as my chain came off! (Luckily I also had my trusty Nokia 6110 recording the ride. See map here.)

Then, while doing the downhill on the Games Track section, I fell too. We were coming down a hill at speed when my wheels got stuck in a rut. I tried to turn and went down hard… straight into a thorn bush! I tried to dust them off, but the rest of the ride felt like I’d just had a haircut and the barber had put all the hair down my shirt!

The rest was pretty uneventful except that the car died again for good on the way to Col’s place. It was serviced less than 2 weeks ago!!

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