The new job

I’ve been in my ‘new’ job for three weeks now. And still enjoying it. To be fair, my general manager has been away on holiday for the past three weeks too, which has made life pretty interesting. Not only that, but the guy I replaced actually got the boot the day before I started – literally! That all adds up to zero on-the-job training!

On the bright side, being thrown in the deep end is probably the best way to learn to swim. I wouldn’t say that I’m heading to Beijing* just yet, but I could manage a few lengths of the local pool.

I enjoy the fact that I don’t spend all day in the office, but driving in the Melbourne CBD can be pretty hairy. Ever heard of hook turns? Melbourne has them and is the only city in the world that I know of that uses them. (Leave me a note if you know of anywhere else that has them). I’m definitely adding them to my “Bizarre Australia” list!

Enough chatter, time to finish up and head home. It’s BBQ for dinner tonight!

Chat soon,

*Next year’s Olympics

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