Another week gone…

Another week goes by without a post. It’s not that I’m slacking or have nothing to say, it’s just that I haven’t found the time to actually sit down in front of the computer and put my thoughts into words.

Mostly this past week was work again. Next week will be even worse ‘cos I have lost a member of staff who used to run some shifts for me. Oh well, makes my holidays look even more inviting!

We attended birthing classes again on Thursday. This time I was lucky enough to be volunteered by the nurse to have a Caesarian section. There was yours truly, lying on the floor with a doll on top of his belly. We then had all the ‘hospital staff’ standing around – nurse, doctor, anaethetist, runner, pediatrician, midwife etc (13 staff in all) – to demonstrate how many people it takes to do a C-section! I was amazed. And by the way, my delivery was completely painless, so I’d do it again any day!

On Friday I picked my son up from his mother’s place. He is lucky enough to be spending his Easter break with me. On Saturday I took him with me to the London Dive show. Now I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to Scuba, but he’s not interested. He did seem to enjoy the show (or at least the freebies they gave him) and he even got to do a try-dive in a pool. He loved that!

Anyway, I’ve bored you all enough now. Less than 3 weeks left till the due date! I think it’s coming early though…

Chat soon,

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6 thoughts on “Another week gone…


    (3 April 2006 - 05:37)

    Lost a member of staff? Have you looked behind the fridge?


    (3 April 2006 - 14:19)

    Delboy, what this c-section story?? Did u “forget” to tell us on sat night???

    Hey, u gonna make it to James’s b’day?


    Ben O.

    (3 April 2006 - 18:36)

    Hey – we’ve all been there, bro.

    I’ll probably there tomorrow and not have too much to say either.

    Ben O.


    (3 April 2006 - 21:23)

    KN: Actually, we swept him under the carpet. Sshhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Isi: If you had stayed for another drink, maybe I would have told you! Wot we doing for James’?
    Ben O: Thanks for the support. You never seem to have any probs though!


    (4 April 2006 - 08:43)

    Delboy… blame B for that… After a couple of snakebites I was well up for a FEW more drinks…


    (5 April 2006 - 20:42)

    Agh….and what a sight Del was giving birth, only wish i had of had my camera. xx

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