Christmas Party

Saturday night was great! I haven’t laughed so much in ages! By the end of the night, I had sore cheeks from all the laughing!

In the end, fifteen people turned up. One couple pulled out at the last minute due to an accident with a horse! (I don’t even want to ask, Rob!) It was great to catch up with some old friends that I hadn’t seen in ages, especially Barry, who went home to South Africa last Christmas for a 2 week holiday and came back this December – for a 10 day holiday!

Everything proceeded smoothly through dinner with all the usual prodding and jibes being thrown around the table. This ALWAYS happens when you mix a group of Antipodeans together. Unfortunately, this time the Kiwis outnumbered the Saffas AND the Aussies, so there was quite a bit of rugby talk. We also had our usual token Englishman, Paul, who added his two pence worth whenever he could. (Don’t wory Isi, I haven’t forgotten you.)

After dinner (and lots of alcohol) things started getting a little messy. First came the wax fights (see Isi, told you I wouldn’t forget you). After the wax came a visit from Santa and then came the Sambuca shots. Next up it was Des’ turn – first to dress up (sorry, can’t show you these pics) and then to pass out! (Can’t show you these pics either!)

Half the group left around 11pm ‘cos they had to catch public transport, but the die-hards stayed on until around 3am. Well, you can’t leave half a bottle of Sambuca standing all by itself now can you! Or a bottle of Jim Beam for that matter.

Anyway, we eventually caught a cab home, had cheese on toast (‘cos by this time our 4 course Chrissy dinner was long digested) and watched an episode of ‘Will & Grace‘ before hitting the hay!

Thank goodness its all over for another year – oh, except for Christmas Day!

Chat soon,

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Party


    (13 December 2005 - 04:26)

    I’m so happy about the cheese-and-toast eating because I ALWAYS get cravings for bread with cheese melted on it and I thought it was kind of peculiar! But. It. Tastes. So. Yummy. Especially late at night. Or first thing in the morning … Ok I’ll stop talking about food now …


    (13 December 2005 - 18:28)

    Bottles of Sambuca the world over are applauding you for not leaving one of their own half-dead and alone..!


    (14 December 2005 - 07:38)

    Haha.. sounds like a great party, Del!
    I’m with Terri on the bottle of Sambuca… it is the kind of drink that begs for more and one can play such cool drinking games with it too.


    (14 December 2005 - 12:28)

    Hmmm… I need a stand-in for my company end-of-year lunch. Interested? The ticket’s in the post.


    (14 December 2005 - 17:13)

    yeah… Del, i knew u wouldn’t forget about me ( especially my childish behaviour .. )
    It was a good night… should meet up again soon.

    by the way… I have decided now that the baby is going to be a girl…


    (14 December 2005 - 19:40)

    Something I miss about London, or Paris for that matter. Getting together for a big night with a group of Antipodeans. Nice.
    Sambuca has just been added to the shopping list. It’s been awhile.

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