Scotland & more rugby!

Hi again,

It’s been some time, so here’s some catch-up news.

Last weekend was spent with 6 friends and my girlfriend in Edinburgh. We had a fantastic time even though it was absolutely freezing. And just for good measure, it rained too!

Most of our time was spent in pubs or shopping around the Christmas Market on Prince’s Street. The South Africans in the group, however, did manage to catch a game of rugby at Murrayfield, home to Scottish rugby.

Brendan, Darrell, Jules, Michelle and I went to see South Africa thouroughly thump Scotland 45-10 in a game that can only be described as … laughable. The Scots played the worst rugby I have ever seen. I was embarassed FOR them! And as for the ref… the worst in the world… and he should have gone to SpecSavers (high street optometrist for the non-UK people!)

At the game we caught up with some Scottish friends who disappeared right after the game. Don’t blame them really!

I also finally got to try deep-fried Mars bar. Delicious! You should try it sometime; you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

And here it comes… another promise of photos. I’ll put some photos of our Edinburgh weekend on the blog soon.

Catch up soon,



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1 thought on “Scotland & more rugby!


    (9 December 2004 - 17:15)

    deep fried mars bars… no way. Delboy, it looks gross.

    : )

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