Award time!!

Hi all,

Guess what! We had our company’s annual ‘roadshow’ last week and I won the “People Developer of the Year 2004” award. Not bad considering there are almost 200 managers in our division hey!

The bad news is that our company has decided to sell of 364 pubs, and most of them are from our division (City Pubs) or the Sports Division. This includes Deb’s pub, so guess what… it’s time to MOVE AGAIN!!!!!! Can you believe it! I haven’t even settled into this place yet!! Grrrrrrrrr!

Not much has happened over the past 3 weeks, besides our ‘roadshow’ in Milton Keynes and a “manager’s meeting” in Birmingham which was just an excuse for a piss-up. The company picked up the tab too!! Great! Had loads to eat and drink, went bowling and tehn stayed overnight in a hotel… all free!

Who knows what’s gonna happen next…

Chat soon,


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