Croatia – Part 4 – Final Day

Hi again,

Well, it’s come to an end! We are spending our last day in Pula today. It is a fantastic Roman city with the 6th biggest Amphitheatre in the world. We have also seen some beautiful Roman mosaics and ancient walls, gates and churches.

This afternoon we are on the bus back to Trieste (Italy) before flying home tomorrow.

Since Friday, we have spent a day on a boat just off the South West coast of Brac where I did 2 scuba dives. They were great and I even got to see a 2000 year old amphora at the bottom of the cliff face that we were diving on. We maxxed out at 41m, which I think is my deepest dive yet! The water was quite warm too, at 17 degrees C at depth!

That same night we caught an overnight train to Zagreb. We thought we would sleep on the train – WRONG!! The cabin was full and we had 2 crazy Croatian men with us – one kept staring and talking Croat to us, the other was about 80 years old and kept listening to his radio at full volume…at 3am!!!

Spent yesterday sight-seeing in Zagreb which was very beautiful. Unfortunately, being Sunday, everything besides bars and Cafes was closed. We also spent some time in the botanical gardens before catching the 3.30pm bus to Pula. By the time we got to Rijeka, it was pissing down outside. We arrived in Pula at 8pm, in the rain!! Luckily, we had booked our accommodation in the Youth Hostel. What an amazing hostel; right on the beachfront!!

And that’s pretty much it. Below are the photos from our trip.

Enjoy – ciao, ciao!


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3 thoughts on “Croatia – Part 4 – Final Day


    (23 November 2010 - 04:30)

    Wow. Your photos are absolutely exquisite and have made me more determined than ever to go there!!! I wonder if I should just drug my other half and pack his bags for him?


      (23 November 2010 - 08:37)

      @Emm: It was a fantastic holiday and a great way to see the country! Not sure it would be the same now as I’ve heard that the tourist trade has taken off. Try going during September or before summer (April/May) when there aren’t too many American or German tourists about!


    (2 December 2010 - 19:31)

    I always try to travel outside of the European school holidays, thatis for sure!

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