No, not me. Although I had a pretty rough weekend too! We had some friends down from Sydney at the weekend and took a drive up to Healesville on Saturday. We went via Yea (pronounced “Yay”) and caught a glimpse of the devastation that the fires had caused. Still lots of burnt out cars and […]

Victoria burns – update

It seems that the fires are finally under control although strong winds still threaten to fan the embers and start it all over again. For a real time map of where the fires are, try this link: For some more photos and news of the bush fires:

Hot, hot, hot!

Yes, it was hot in Melbourne last week. Four days above 40 degrees C! And it was just as hot in our office ‘cos the aircon wasn’t working. We had 38C in the office on Friday afternoon. Today, 26C feels cold! The heat caused bushfires along the South East coast of Victoria. In Melbourne, 700 […]